17 June 2010

How to make a good office with proper office chairs shopping

When you are out shopping for the best office chair or a bunch of office chairs to better furnish your workers with, it is important that you just don’t pick out a cheap chair.  Nothing is more dangerous than investing in a chair that serves no particular function and only contributes to a person’s bad health.  Believe it or not, but hunting for the best chairs can actually be very difficult.  And since you will be buying them in bulk for the office, you will have to pick the very best one that will suit the general needs of the employees.

What do I look for?
Of course, everyone will tell you that you should just get the next chair that has a great price tag and looks sturdy.  As long as it looks like it was made for the office, it was meant for the office right?  Well, you could be very wrong if this is the way you shop.  When looking for office chairs, the only thing that you should consider is whether or not it is ergonomic.  What does this mean?  It means that you should be getting chairs that will not only be something to sit on, but something that will improve productivity in the workplace as well as improve the well being of the people who sit on it.

Now, this may all seem funny to you at first, but in the long run you don’t want to have to face having to take care of a person’s medical bills just because you weren’t able to give the right furniture, which in turn led to the worsening of that person’s health.  Getting the wrong chair for your worker can be quite disastrous for him and her.  A bad chair can:

Make it uncomfortable for the person to work so productivity will slow down.
Create back problems for a person and therefore affect ones health.
Make an already physical problem in a person worse than it was before.
Create stress in an environment that could have been avoided in the first place.

But a good, ergonomic office chair has a whole list of benefits that will counter all those bad results of a cheap chair.  Ergonomic chairs can:

Reduce neck pain, shoulder strain, and back aches.
Reduce stress by providing better comfort to the people sitting in them.
Increase productivity in the work place because people will be more comfortable and focused.
Prevent serious injury by making sure any physical problems in a person are not worsened.
Assure long term positive output from the workforce because a bad chair is the least of their worries in the workplace. Mesh office chairs are rapidly replacing the regular cushioned and leather office chairs that you may be used to seeing in the office.

So what is an ergonomic chair?
We all know what a chair is.  It’s basically a structure with three or four legs, has a place to seat a person, and a back support that will keep ones back straight.  But can you imagine sitting on a stiff chair like that for 8 hours in an office everyday while you strenuously work to try and get things done?  This is most impossible and just really uncomfortable to think about.  Ergonomic office chairs change this whole scene and make it better for employees in the work place.  An ergonomic chair provides comfort by featuring an adjustable seat that allows one to change the height of his or her seating position; it provides proper lumbar support; it has a back rest that will support not only the back but also the neck of the person who sits in it; it has a more than adequate seat width and depth for comfort; it can swivel; and lastly, a good ergonomic chair has armrests that are long enough for the average arm length of an employee who needs to rest his arms after a long day of work.  This is the kind of chair you need to invest in for your office and also for yourself.

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